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Daily Archives: June 6, 2019

Crooked Tradie Slightly Off-centre

Marriages are delicate and in order to solve a problem you need support from your partner. When it goes too far it can get petty and that is the case for this couple from England. Fighting over subject was usually resolved with an introspective chat

Dot’s Daily Updates

Tyler’s dear grandmother has been introduced to 2RS’ Drive Show and is by now a household favourite, particularly Greg (the flirting has GOT to stop, Tyler’s freaking out) Dot updates the drive team with the essential, need-to-know goss happening across the globe & shares her

Muswellbrook Launches Its Own Interactive Natives Sign

Muswellbrook’s Karoola Park is the newest place to install interactive audio signage. The signs are expected to enhance learning experience through offering information on all of the plants in the garden. The sound smart native sign offers a sensory experience as visitors press buttons to

Hunter Valley Police Targeting Firearm Theft

The Hunter Valley Police District (HVPD) is targeting illegal firearm theft as a part of the state-wide “Operation Armour”. The NSW Police Force launched the Operation in Tamworth this month that will be conducted in rural areas in all Police Districts. The Hunter Police will be

Unconventional Heaters Putting People at Risk This Winter

Families across Australia are risking their lives by warming their houses with ‘unconventional heaters’ such as gas camp heaters, barbecues and charcoal pits. A fire in Lake Illawarra last night was caused by a portable gas camping heater and the residents of the house on

“Most Aussie Pizza Ever” hits the shelves at Coles

That headline got your attention, didn’t it? Okay Australia, our two favourite things are finally combined. No, it’s not Russell Coight and”Married at First Sight”, instead, it’s a wood-fired pizza and a good ol’ pub parmigiana! The Coles limited edition chicken parmigiana pizza can be

The Dark Ending Pretty Woman Should Have Had.

Pretty Woman became an instant classic when it was released in 1990, grossing $463.4 million, and making Julia Roberts a household name. It’s a modern take on Cinderella. A very successful, wealthy lawyer, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), hires a beautiful and unlikely prostitute, Vivian Ward

Shameful Developments on Holy Grounds

Huskisson residents are crying “shame” after councils’ recent decision to approve a controversial development. Husky locals were quite vocal at the recent council meeting, with cries of “shame” emanating from the public gallery. Councillors voted 8 – 5 to approve the project that would see