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Cal Wilson is Making Her Way to the Gong!

Cal Wilson is coming to Wollongong as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival stops by! (picture courtesy of www.illawarramercury,

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival roadshow is swinging by Wollongong Town Hall this weekend, and it boasts an enormous lineup.

One of the comedy superstars amongst the lineup including Dave Callan, Ben Knight and Lloyd Langford, is superstar Cal Wilson.

Wilson has been long sought after following her Netflix special, and Patty & Jayce were lucky enough to have a chat with her ahead of the show this weekend.

When asked to describe her show in five words, Wilson gave us a good summary of her comedic style; sourcing jokes from things you were told as a child, to things that happen in everyday life.

“The favourite bit that I’m doing in my set at the moment is these five words; he’s gone to the farm” she said.

“Did you ever lose a pet as a child? Were you ever told that he’d ‘gone to the farm’?”

Wilson said that she is excited to make the trip to the Gong, even prompting the breakfast show to take her for a look around the town!

“I have been to Wollongong before, and I had a great time but I didn’t really have a chance to get out in Wollongong. So now I’m asking you…what should I be seeing in Wollongong?”

If you’d like to see Cal Wilson and the other comedians at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, visit, or call the IPAC box office on 4242 5999 for more information.

To hear the full interview, play the audio below:

Patty & Jayce’s interview with Cal Wilson ahead of her show in Wollongong