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Changing The Australian National Anthem – Yay or Nay?

Last Wednesday evening, before the State of Origin opener, players from both teams refused to sing ‘Advance Australia Fair’ on the field.

First Nations players Josh Addo-Carr, Cody Walker and Will Chambers were clear that they had no intention to sing the anthem.

‘Advance Australia Fair’ has only been the national anthem for 35 years.

That same evening, Indigenous rapper who uses his music to make social comment, Briggs, featured in a video for ABC’s ‘The Weekly’ stating that “the song sucks”.

He spoke about how the lyrics of the song disrespect First Nations people, their place as custodians of this country long before “white people” arrived and completely dismisses Australia’s turbulent history.

Advance Australia Fair?

Is our national anthem for everyone?

Posted by The Weekly on Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Rapper, Briggs, dishes a little food for thought on ABC’s ‘The Weekly’ last week.

He ends with the poignant statement that “we cant even share our opinion about a song without the whole country freaking out, and that’s why when it’s played, some f us don’t feel like standing up or singing along.”

Lettsy and Danes took to the airwaves to ask you what you think. Do you like ‘Advance Australia Fair’ as our national anthem or should we change it?

Lettsy and Danes asked you what you what you think. Should we change the national anthem?