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Dot’s Daily Updates

Tyler’s dear grandmother has been introduced to 2RS’ Drive Show and is by now a household favourite, particularly Greg (the flirting has GOT to stop, Tyler’s freaking out)

Dot updates the drive team with the essential, need-to-know goss happening across the globe & shares her controversial cheekiness with the 2RS team.

Dot shares Thursday goss with Tyler, Cam & Greg and is comforted to know she’s not the only one suffering PTSD after getting the wrong order from Macca’s drive-thru. Pedestrian released a fiery article throwing them under the bus & Dot agrees with everything – ESPECIALLY the sweet & sour sauce.

Dot also rats out those coming up with the worst excuses to chuck a sickie.

If you love nans (you’re heartless if you don’t) and need an update on what’s trending daily – Dot is your go-to-girl for all the latest celebrity gossip.

Tune in to drive with Tyler, Cam & Greg to hear more from Dot this week on 2RS!