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Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon Reveals How He Really Feels About Barnsey After Last Night’s Q&A

Jimmy Barnes, Sisonke Msimang, Joel Fitzgibbon, Nicolle Flint, and Matthew Warren
Source: ABC

Last night, Labour MP Joel Fitzgibbon appeared on the Q&A panel alongside the one and only Jimmy Barnes. Tony Jones also hosted energy policy economist Matthew Warren, Liberal MP Nicolle Flint, and author Sisonke Msimang on the Q&A panel.

Joel Fitzgibbon is all smiles on Q&A

Today, he spoke to Tyler, Cam and Greg about the show and gave his thoughts on Jimmy Barnes:

“I’m not a big Jimmy Barnes fan but I do enjoy is work. But I’m a big fan of Jimmy Barnes.

“He brought to the panel a real presence and a credibility, something we politicians do often lack, and it allowed him to interject more freely. But the point is that every time he interjected he had something very sensible to say.”

On Q&A, he was directly questioned about whether he ever supported the Labor party’s campaign policies, to which he responded:

“I haven’t said anything since the election that is contrary to Labor’s policies. The mistake we made, deliberately or otherwise was to talk about one side of the equation and we avoided talking about the other.

“We put the emphasis on our ambition to get to 50% renewable [energy] without also talking about what’s going to fuel the other 50%. Now that’s a fundamental error of judgement in our messaging.

“…I warned my colleagues that while our policies were sound, or emphasis on one side of the equation and the omission to even talk about the other was damaging us and damaging us very, very badly.

“…we were concerned about votes in other seats, progressive votes in seats closer to the capital cities, and that was unequivocal mistake.”

Mr. Fitzgibbon described the atmosphere at last night’s Q&A as “very energetic and vibrant”, which he conjectured could have been due to Jimmy Barnes’ presence.

Jimmy Barnes closed out the show with a performance of his song new ‘Shutting Down Our Town’.

Jimmy Barnes performing on Q&A last night

The whole Q&A episode is available on ABC iView.