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Makatak Albion Park Celebrates 50 years of Giving

Local children’s charity Makatak will celebrate 50 years this month.

It’s the golden anniversary for local children’s charity “Makatak” in Albion Park this month.

But what do the letters M-A-K-A-T-A-K stand for?

“Many A Kangaroo And Tribesmen Assist Kids” explains Albion Park member Ian Henstock.

The “tribesmen”, a group of a dozen everyday volunteering Albion Park men , have been meeting once a month every month for the past 50 years to raise funds for kids in need in the local area. Based at their home of Albion Park RSL club, the Makatak men can be found regularly running raffles and holding fund-raising drives.

One of their main recipients are the kids at Peterborough School for disabled children, including a Christmas present drive for its students.

Mr. Henstock is also celebrating 21 years as part of the organisation also.

When asked of a memorable moment of his time in Makatak, Henstock recounted a local man who became single father of three after his wife passed away from cancer. Makatak Albion Park assisted in feeding and clothing the children.

Anyone interested in making donations to Makatak can contact the Albion Park RSL on 02) 4256 1200