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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Harley Breen Talks Taboo Topics

Last night an important show debuted on TV after it was picked up by Channel Tens pilot season. Harley Breens Taboo took five people suffering with terminal illness out to the Hunter Valley to talk about their experiences, the result is a heartwarming and funny

Sam Neill Is All Of Us At An Airport.

Is there anything worse than being delayed in an airport? Especially after you have arrived at your destination – you just want to grab your bags and go! That was the exact situation Sam Neill found himself in on Thursday morning after arriving back in

Locals Get Needled About Flu Shots

To misquote a recently concluded, popular TV show “Winter is Here”. With the colder temperatures comes a higher risk of falling ill, and the regions’ Public Health Director, Curtis Gregory, is encouraging residents to be proactive this flu season. Nationwide there have been over 82,000

Bob Hawke’s Life To Be Honoured At The Sydney Opera House

Australian’s will join together at the Sydney Opera House steps to celebrate the extraordinary life and career of one of Australia’s most iconic prime minister, Bob Hawke. Mr Hawke died aged 89 peacefully at his Sydney home on May 16. In the 1980’s, The Sydney

National Blood Donor Week

It’s National Blood Donor Week! Almost 1 in 3 Australians will need a blood donation, but only 1 in 30 people donate blood. This week (9-15 June) is to celebrate the legendary donors that keep Australia going. There will be a range of events happening

Sexiest Towns Revealed

Apparently its hot all year round for the town of Gladstone. In a recent study conducted by Love Honey the regional town took top honours alongside, closely contested by Brisbane and Townsville. Gladstone was said to have the most sexually active population, naughty toy purchases