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Pathways Shoalhaven is here to Solve your Problems

Many people struggling with alcohol problems, drug addiction and gambling issues may feel alone or abandoned, but the Salvation Army in Shoalhaven wants them to know there is help at hand. 

The Salvation Army – Pathways Shoalhaven is a service providing a range of free programs including assessments, referrals, treatments and support for adults experiencing various problems associated with alcohol, gambling and drug use.

Salvation Army Captain Daniel Ross who supervises the overall management of the Shoalhaven and Canberra recovery centres says, “We are here trying to help people with various problems to move to a point of freedom in their lives”.

The goal of Pathways Shoalhaven is to assist people to develop the skills they need to be free of addiction and achieve the quality of life they desire.

The pathways program provides one-on-one support casework, therapeutic and educational group sessions, as well as support and advocacy in accessing residential and rehabilitation including referrals to a range of other services and programs.

“The effects of drugs and alcohol are not easy on people, but if you can walk with people through their journey and help them out, you get to see people turn their lives around back to being fully functional members of the community and it’s very rewarding”, Captain Ross said.

Captain Ross says anyone needing help should call Pathways Shoalhaven directly, on 02 4422 4604.