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Patty & Jayce Get ‘Expert’ Advice Ahead Of This Afternoon’s Rap Battle

It’s only eight hours out from the much hyped rap battle between the 2RS breakfast and drive shows, and Patty & Jayce have been hard at work securing the upper hand over the Rhi and the Nathans from the drive show.

Patty & Jayce have been hard at work preparing for their rap battle against Rhi and the Nathans from the drive show.

In a last minute attempt to do this, they decided to call Robin from the Nowra Library, who takes care of a 0 – 2 year olds’ education initiative called ‘Rhyme Time’.

She had some great advice for the boys on how to make their rhymes airtight, and psych out the drive show.

“You need to make sure that what you say has meaning…and you need to be able to pronounce your words very clearly – the sound of each word makes a big difference…use the same several words in one line that start with the same letter, because it creates this real atmosphere – theres a real flow to it” she said.

“Its good to be funny and quirky, also confident…you need to get some movement in there, get a bit of spunk about yourself”.

With Jayce being from the country, he has found a lot of difficulty learning this new form of music. When he asked for some feedback from Robin, she’d told him that he needs to change up his style.

“I think I can hear the country boy in you, you need to be a little more street wise…a little bit more attitude”.

The rap battle goes live at 5:40pm tonight – make sure you’re tuned in to 2RS via iHeartRadio!

Listen to the guys’ chat with Robin below:

Patty & Jayce chat with Robin from the Nowra Library ahead of tonights rap battle!