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Pop-Up Restaurant Tackling Homelessness

Feeling hungry? Wollongong has just what you need with a brand-new vegan pop-up restaurant with a twist. The Good Will Only restaurant opens today until 30 June and will offer customers the choice of price when paying for a meal. In an effort to raise awareness about homelessness co-founder, Ben Abraham said “the idea is based around a simple concept, namely that those who can afford to pay for their meal do, so that those less fortunate can come and eat without worrying about how to pay.”

Front of restaurant with handwritten sign
Source: WaveFM

Homelessness is a growing problem in Australia. According to the 2016 census, there are over 116,000 Australians homeless on any given night, a number that increased by 13.7% in 5 years. Good Will Only has joined up with Wollongong Homeless Hub and IRT Foundation to combat this issue in the Illawarra.

The entire operation is reliant on donations, including the site of the restaurant. Nine volunteers, aged 15 to 78 years old, will run the restaurant floor, including a Syrian refugee who has struggled to find work. The menu will change on a daily basis, depending on what food has been donated. “The aim is hearty, healthy food, and we work backwards from what produce we receive” Abraham said.

Good Will Only is located at 64 Crown Street, Wollongong. To volunteer at the restaurant or to enquire further, email co-founder Scott Mileto at