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Reiki Master Teacher visits Muswellbrook, chats to 2RS

Healing Hands: Reiki Master Teacher Shazy Hiles visited Muswellbrook recently to conduct Reiki workshops.

A workshop of a deeper level took place in Muswellbrook over the weekend. Shazy Hiles from Healing Hands Holistic Therapies is a specialist in alternative medicine, and explained Reiki to us on Monday’s Drivetime show.

“Reiki is a practice that was discovered just before World War 2. It’s a life force universal energy that a practitioner channels through their body, and flows out through their hands.” She explained.

“This results in a sunshine like effect to the patient via light touch. It balances and harmonises the mind and body.”

Although Mrs. Hiles identifies as psychic, she says that you only need an interest in Reiki to get involved.

The weekend’s workshop was well received in Muswellbrook, with attendees learning a second degree of the practice.

To hear the Drivetime’s chat with Shazy Hiles, (and we asked her to predict State Of Origin!), just click bellow