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RJ Mitte Is Heading Down Under to the Gong for the Premiere of his New Film ‘Standing Up For Sunny’!

RJ Mitte and his co-star Philippa Northeast in a scene from the upcoming Aussie rom-com ‘Standing up for Sunny’

You may recognise RJ Mitte from his role as Walt Jr. in HBO’s groundbreaking series ‘Breaking Bad’. However, in between filming Hollywood blockbusters he’s found the time to star in the Aussie produced and directed film ‘Standing up for Sunny’, which is premiering at the Greater Union Cinema in Wollongong on the 13th of June.

Mitte had a chat with Tyler, Cam & Greg this afternoon ahead of his visit to Wollongong, and was more than excited to return to Australia for the premiere.

“This is my 5th time coming to the country, I’ve been a lot of places…been to Wollongong, been to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne – I’ve had a lot of fun, it’s a beautiful country” he said.

“I’m really excited for people to see Standing up for Sunny…it touches on so many things – it’s such a quirky, funny ride and love story…I really enjoy working with Australian crews”.

The movie poster for ‘Standing up for Sunny’.

Mitte’s character in the film is a sufferer of Cerebral Palsy – a condition that Mitte suffers from himself, with the ticket sales from the Wollongong screening going to the Cerebral Palsy Association. Although he said his character was different from him, he said everyone could relate to themes in the film.

“He’s definitely a vastly different person from me…everyones been trapped in a position or a way of thinking that they’ve never been able to adjust…you don’t have to completely change who you are, but just a little bit of kindness and sticking to who you are, you’ll find people who you care about”.

“I’m very happy that we were able to have this partnership with them (the Cerebral Palsy Alliance) because they really reach and help so many people”.

To hear the full interview, play the audio below:

RJ Mitte Interview Part 1
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