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Science Space Proves To Us That We Use Science In Our Every Day Lives

Science Space at the UOW Innovation Campus in North Wollongong

Science is something that most people trust but don’t understand, because they think it is something for ‘smart people’ only. However, according to Dr Johanna Howes from Science Space in Wollongong, this is simply not true – it’s for everyone!

Based in North Wollongong at the UOW Innovation Campus, Science Space is an interactive learning experience which illustrates how scientific discoveries and concepts have become commonplace in our everyday lives. Dr Johanna Howes joined Tyler, Cam & Greg on the 2RS drive show, to talk about what Science Space had on offer.

“We’ve got two whole exhibition floors filled with science exhibits for people to play with…we also have a state of the art planetarium, which is a big dome where we can project all the stars on to a screen…the most digitally advanced planetarium in NSW” said Dr Howes.

“We also have live science shows, where you can come in and ask questions of Science Space ambassadors, and they will be showing you a whole bunch of cool, live science demonstrations.”

After Tyler had explained that she had dropped science as a subject in high school because she wasn’t smart enough, Dr Howes explained that science is something that everyone uses in their everyday lives!

“Science is so much fun, and actually people do science every day without even realising it…why the sky is blue, how we get from A to B, how electricity works – all that kind of stuff…if you investigate how that works – you’re doing science”.

If you want to find out more and visit Science Space, and even attend their ‘Sci-Fri Cinema’ – their next showing is ‘Alien’ on July the 5th, you can visit their website at

To listen to the full interview, play the audio below:

Tyler, Cam & Greg speak with Dr Johnna Howes from Science Space, speaking all things science!