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Vanessa Jane Speaks the Truth About “Stressful” Crowdfunding Ahead Of Her Short Film ‘Veritas’

Short film maker Vanessa Jane (picture courtesy of

When it comes to making a short-film, it’s often looked at from the outside with the thought that it can be done with the most minimal of budgets. However, because a lot of short-films are independent and can often begin with no budget, short-film makers such as Vanessa Jane seek crowdfunding to make the magic happen.

Crowdfunding is conducted through a large amount of people contributing a relatively small amount of money towards a cause, and as Vanessa Jane explained to Tyler, Cam & Greg this afternoon ahead of the release of her short film ‘Veritas’, it isn’t as easy as it may seem.

“It’s so stressful…people think you just put up a crowdfund page and it just gets money…its so delusional because crowdfunding is bloody hard, and it doesn’t always work” said Jane.

“You’ve got to come at it from so many angles. You can’t just put a page up and think that Indiegogo is going to make it happen for you”.

Veritas is a short-film which is set at man’s funeral, exploring the internal struggle the man’s son has containing his truth and emotions, whilst delivering the eulogy.

“I’m really fascinated by the things that human beings find the hardest to do…the three that I’m really focusing on are telling the truth, letting go and unconditional love.”

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Vanessa Jane’s interview with Tyler, Cam & Greg.