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Wollongong Cash Machines Controversy

Wollongong MP Paul Scully has criticised Instant Cash Loan Machines in the State Parliament. 

The controversial machines are able to offer loans of up to $2,000 but with massive interest. 

Mr. Scully has suggested that the machines – one of which is located in Wollongong suburb, Berkeley – are deliberately placed in low socio-economic areas.  

“My community wants them gone” Mr. Scully said.

The machines are attracting people as far as Campbelltown travelling to Illawarra to use the machines.

Mr. Scully is concerned that many people using the machines, don’t have the income to pay back huge interest rates and are getting themselves into debt very quickly. 

“They simply do not have the money available”, Mr. Scully added.

The MP believes these machines should be removed, and no more allowed to be installed in NSW because it’s the right thing to do.