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Daily Archives: June 5, 2020

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Three Reasons Not to Give Up on 2020

2020 you fickle mistress! Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the examples of systematic police brutality that have arisen out of the United States this week, there is much chatter online about ‘cancelling’ the year altogether. Many are suggesting calling time on this bad-boy, maybe hosting a premature New Years, and

Round 5 Back On: NRL Will Allow Fans Back In

Punters in groups of 50 or less will now be allowed to watch matches, the NRL has confirmed.  The ‘first batch’ of rugby league fans will be allowed to attend games again in round five after the NRL secured permission for spectators to return from

Radio Road Trip – EP.05 Mudgee

With its distinctive heritage look and exquisite offering of food, wine and produce, Mudgee is a destination for the individual with a taste for quality and charm. In episode 5 of the Radio Road Trip, Sam and Dan’s journey took them 3.5 hours NorthWest of

The Essentials: Episode Five

Sally Rigney is a grain and cattle farmer in South West Queensland. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t necessarily affected Sally, as she is safe and isolated out on her farm. It has, however impacted her in other ways. The mental health concerns of farmers is always

Should You Adopt A Greyhound?

This morning on 2NRS Brekky, Jen & Rob chatted with Emma from Greyhound Rescue about what they do and why a greyhound might be the perfect dog for you. Greyhound Rescue was set up to find homes for the many greyhounds that find themselves needing

Trying to Prevent Brumby Cull “Delaying the Inevitable”

Environmental groups have called attempts to prevent the Victorian Government’s proposed cull of wild brumbies “delaying the inevitable”, and said that feral horse numbers need to be controlled to protect delicate ecosystems in the Victorian and NSW alps struggling to recover after the summer bushfires.

Live Export Ban Finding Could be Appealed by Commonwealth

A legal expert expects that the Federal Court ruling on the 2011 live export ban will be appealed by the Commonwealth. University of Melbourne law professor Jason Varuhas has said that the Commonwealth could appeal the finding that former Agriculture minister Joe Ludwig overstepped his

Lonely Grouper Finds a School

Chang the Lonely Grouper from Cairns Aquarium has hooked the hearts of local kids. Chang’s spirits sank when the Aquarium closed its doors in March, because he missed watching visitors drift past his tank. After reading about Chang’s plight, a class of Year 1 students

HomeBuilder Scheme not Everyone’s Cup of Builder’s Tea

The Federal government’s HomeBuilder scheme has been criticised by the Opposition and industry professionals, who say the scheme targets the wrong end of the market. Opposition leader Anthony Albanese said that while there was “nothing wrong with supporting private housing”, the package would require too