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Being funny isn’t easy!

Being funny for more than one joke is much harder than it sounds, according to Fiona Pepper from ABC Radio National Fictions, who joined Jenna and Wendy on the Lounge today.

It’s not the ‘tish boom moment that matter when it comes to being funny for more than a second, its finding a story that appeals to an audience then building a narrative arc that has emotion as well as humour, according to Fiona. Jenna and Wendy played their Ode to a Buffet from yesterday’s broadcast to see if they had what it takes to make a career from being funny. And although Fiona was kind, there’s much more work the pair has to do to make it past family gatherings for their joke telling.

Fiona talked about the comedic chops of the team behind CrossBreads, the new audio musical comedy from the ABC, written by Declan Fay (Ronny Chieng: International Student) Megan Washington (ARIA Award Winner) and Chris Ryan (King Kong: The Musical). CrossBread also features John Waters (Rake, Lennon: Through A Glass Onion, Play School) and Kate McLennan (Get Krackin!, The Katering Show).

The ABC is always on the lookout for stories that reflect the Australian experience from regional as well as metropolitan points of view. And Fiona’s time as a rural reporter in Western Australia, where she knew the daily price of wheat has allowed her to build stories that reflect our beautiful country in ways that resonate with us all, no matter where we live.

Go on, make me laugh! It’s not that easy according to Fiona Pepper from ABC Radio National Fictions