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Briggs: Fund More Indigenous Content

After the removal of four of Chris Lilley’s shows from the Netflix service, in addition to Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh – which all feature characters depicted in blackface. Brooke Boney, a Gamilaroi Gomeroi woman and entertainment presenter on Nine’s Today Show, told viewers that if she had children she would not want racist stereotypes negatively influencing their view of themselves on Thursday morning.

Advocating for real change and “not just virtue signal in a moment of turmoil”, she argued that streaming services would need to open more doors in the industry for people of colour and be more responsible and inclusive in their storytelling in the future, a sentiment echoed by Indigenous Hip Hop artist Briggs shortly after via Twitter.

Source: ABC News

“It’s not the final answer,” he said in a subsequent interview on Thursday afternoon.

“What we need to move towards is creating Indigenous content on these subscription platforms and a focus on Indigenous creators and content,” he said.

“It’s not reflected so much in the entertainment industry, or various other facets of industry that we have within the country. It’s really hard to point a finger at the entertainment industry and say ‘you’re not diverse enough’, when every industry in the country is not diverse enough.

“This isn’t a new subject for us… The idea that [regarding Chris Lilley] this is a teachable moment… It’s not a teachable moment because he hasn’t learnt from it yet”.