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Radio Road Trip – EP.05 Mudgee

With its distinctive heritage look and exquisite offering of food, wine and produce, Mudgee is a destination for the individual with a taste for quality and charm.

In episode 5 of the Radio Road Trip, Sam and Dan’s journey took them 3.5 hours NorthWest of Sydney, through the Blue Mountains to the idyllic town of Mudgee.

The podcast guest, Ben Palmer describes Mudgee as the perfect environment for growing fresh local produce. Go to any cafe in town you you will surely find homegrown ingredients that set Mudgee’s hospitality scene apart.

You get a real sense for Mudgee’s rich pastoral history as you wander the wide, tree-lined streets admiring the original heritage buildings. Mudgee is the backdrop for the fictional TV series, Doctor Doctor.

Mudgee is also home to over 30 wineries producing many awards winning wines. Ben Palmer list his favourite wine as Moothi Estate. The name ‘Mudgee’ is derived from the Wiradjuri term ‘Moothi’, which means ‘nest in the hills’. It’s easy to understand how Ben has lived in Mudgee his whole life.

As a destination for flavour-seekers, Mudgee was named as the number 1 food destination in Australia with a focus on farm-to-fork quality. The town won the Festival of Wot competition to become the first in host of the Festival of Snags, an original idea from the people of Mudgee.

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