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Should You Adopt A Greyhound?

This morning on 2NRS Brekky, Jen & Rob chatted with Emma from Greyhound Rescue about what they do and why a greyhound might be the perfect dog for you.

Greyhound Rescue was set up to find homes for the many greyhounds that find themselves needing a second chance after their time in the Racing Industry.

Since 2009, the organisation has found homes for more than 1000 greyhounds which otherwise would not have been so lucky, across Sydney, Canberra and the Illawarra. But be sure to check out other various Greyhound rescue organisations that operate all over Australia.

Photo: Greyhound Rescue

Emma told the Brekky team that greyhounds make great companion animals:

  • They are affectionate & gentle giants who love their humans and are generally good around children of all ages
  • They are sociable and generally get on well with other dogs and animals, including small dogs and sometimes even feline friends!
  • They don’t always need a lot of exercise or a big backyard.
  • They sleep more than any other dog breed
  • They rarely bark.
  • They require very little grooming.
  • They don’t have that doggy smell as they do not have the fatty undercoat of other breeds.
  • They are super smart and respond well to training.
  • And most importantly, they are SUPER cute and would love a second chance at life!

Adopting a dog is always a huge, life long commitment so Emma also chatted about some ways to help if you are not able to adopt – including fostering or sponsoring.

Listen to Jen & Rob’s full chat with Emma from Greyhound Rescue