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Three Reasons Not to Give Up on 2020


2020 you fickle mistress! Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the examples of systematic police brutality that have arisen out of the United States this week, there is much chatter online about ‘cancelling’ the year altogether. Many are suggesting calling time on this bad-boy, maybe hosting a premature New Years, and coasting into 2021 a few months early. Today on ‘Feel Good Friday’ Rob and Jen reminded us of all the sunshine and rainbows that still exist in the world. They had a few good arguments for seeing the year through, here are two stories to help you hold the faith:  

  1. An Unlikely Prom Prince  

Get ready for your ovaries to explode. This is potentially the cutest story to develop in 2020: a seven-year-old boy in the US has hosted a substitute prom for his high-school-aged baby-sitter. Upon hearing that his favourite carer’s long-awaited prom night had been postponed due to the pandemic, Curtis Rogers organised a socially distant mini prom in his yard. The pair frocked up (Curtis in a purple suit to compliment his date’s prom-dress), ate dinner and waltzed 1.5 metres apart. He even spread a red-carpet down the drive for her arrival. Aaaw!  

  1. YouTube Dad  

A further development from the land of sunshine and rainbows: a man who lost his own father at a young age has taken to YouTube sharing ‘Dad’ advice for kids without a father-figure in their lives. His ‘Dad, How Do I?’ channel has recently attracted more than two-million subscribers and features episodes like ‘how do I use a stud finder?’, ‘how do I change a car’s oil?’, ‘how do I iron a shirt’? The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with one subscriber commenting: ‘he’s the internet’s dad’.  

We hope those stories got you feeling all melty inside and ready to embrace the rest of 2020! What’s got you feeling good this Friday? Let us know below.