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Trying to Prevent Brumby Cull “Delaying the Inevitable”

Feral horses cause significant damage to delicate bushland in the Bogong High Plains. Image Credit: Parks Victoria.

Environmental groups have called attempts to prevent the Victorian Government’s proposed cull of wild brumbies “delaying the inevitable”, and said that feral horse numbers need to be controlled to protect delicate ecosystems in the Victorian and NSW alps struggling to recover after the summer bushfires.

Invasive Species Council CEO Andrew Cox says that horse numbers in the region have more than doubled in the last five years, and that grazing and trampling is putting native bushland at risk.

Critics of the cull have said that the brumbies represent an element of Australia’s heritage, but this argument has been refuted by Australian National University Professor in Environmental Science Jamie Pittock, who says that landholders tried to eradicate wild horses all the way back in the late 1800s.

Professor Pittock quoted Banjo Patterson, who once wrote “If they didn’t get rid of the horses, the horses would get rid of them.”