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Geelong Art Prize Heads to Melbourne

Diena Georgetti – a Melbourne-based artist – has claimed the first position in the 2021 Geelong contemporary art prize, winning a $30,000 cheque for her troubles – for her painting AMPERSAND 2020′.

AMPERSAND 2020, reproduced courtesy of artist Diena Georgetti and The Commercial, Sydney.

“The painting’s “conceptual poise and eloquent formal composition” drew the judging panel, including eminent art historians and curators, Jenepher Duncan and Grazia Gunn, and Geelong Gallery director Jason Smith. The synthetic polymer painting on canvas extends Diena Georgetti’s idiosyncratic approach to picture-making, as she juxtaposes abstract images and references to art historical precedents, along with modernist aesthetics, including design and fashion. AMPERSAND combines references to cubism, the classical nude pose, and the enfolding pathos of Henry Moore’s sculpture and drawing.”

The judges agreed that a relevant contemporary humanism pervades AMPERSAND, opening-up this precisely constructed but poetic image to many readings and interpretations. There were a total of 28 finalists in the competition, this was cut down from the initial 600 entries from all edges of Australia. The prize is in place to help the growth of the gallerys collection aswell as working towards promoting contemporary Australian artists.

The work will displayed until August 22.