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Surely That’s Not Real! 2NRS Selects TOP 5 Places in Australia With Strange Names

Given that Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, that spans a whopping 7 692 024 km2, it must’ve been difficult to find names for places! Here is a list of 5 names of places that actually exist in Australia.

1. The Useless loop (WA).

The Useless loop is located in Western Australia, 700km after from the capital city of Perth. It is in fact a sandbar that prevented French explorers on the Baudin expedition from entering the waters of Shark Bay. These waters were then labelled “inutile” or useless.

2. Bubble Bubble (NT).

Bubble Bubble is located in the Keep River National Park on the Northern Territory and Western Australia border. It gets its name through the water in the lakes, that (as the name suggests) bubbles.

3. Foul Bay (SA)

Foul bay is a 16km pristine stretch of beach which has to be one of Australia’s most secret gems. Whilst you think “foul bay” might smell a little, its actually named after explorer Matthew Flinders, whio couldn’t find a place to park the HMS Investigator, so decided to condemn the place forever.

4. Banana (QLD)

Whist you though Banana was just a tasty fruit, its actually a little town located in the cattle country of central Queensland. Banana is named after a yellow cow who, “In bygone days, of bullock drays, Banana led the team/ An enormous yellow bullock who died beside a stream.” Heres me thinking it was about the fruit!

Statue of Banana (Banana,QLD)

5. Nowhere Else (TAS)

Located in the central northern regions of Tasmania, Nowhere Else is complete with rich green farmland, and narrow lanes. It gets its name after a road that went to a famers paddock and “Nowhere else”. Would you believe that South Australia also has a town called Nowhere Else!