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Daily Archives: June 8, 2021

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Wide Open Roads – Albion Park Bypass Open

For over 15 years the New South Wales Government has finally opened the first section of the Albion Park By Pass this has brought many delays and concern for residence. During the building process many residence have faced trouble getting in and out of the

Tinder’s New Feature – Block your Ex

You’ve finally gotten over your breakup…  You’re ready to get into the dating scene…   You start your tinder account back up…  You start swiping… And then the last person you ever wanted to see pops up… Well thanks to Tinder new feature, you wont have

Regional Artist Spotlight: ERYS

Our station is always playing the best music but we think it’s important to shine the musical light on some of the little artists coming through the scene around Australia. On Monday we had Queensland artist ERYS join the show to talk all things music