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A List of Things That Are The Same Height As New Swan’s Draft Lachlan McAndrews

Recent Sydney Swans mid-season AFL Rookie draft Lachlan McAndrews is pretty tall. On Breakfast with Jake Nell and Charlie this morning he mentioned that he is often asked how tall he is.

We’re here to definitively settle the issue, so as to help McAndrews focus on playing the best he possibly can for the Swans, here is a list of things the same height as Lachlan to fully showcase how tall he is.

Lachie McAndrews via

6 Bowling Pins

21 Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segments

40 Golf Tees

175 Panadol Stacked Long Ways

1000 Strands of Spaghetti Laid Flat

And: 1.1 Michael Jordans

Please stop asking Lachie how tall he is. He’s tall. Just move on