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AMAZON CEO Jeff Bezos Says He’s Heading to Space!

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he’s heading to space as part of the first crewed flight on a rocket ship made by his aerospace company, Blue Origin. The Amazon CEO will be joined on the crew by his younger brother, Mark Bezos, who he calls his best friend.

The flight is scheduled for July 20, just 15 days after he is set to resign as CEO of Amazon.

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“Ever since I was five years old, I’ve dreamed of travelling to space,” Mr Bezos, said on an instagram post.”On July 20th, I will take that journey with my brother. The greatest adventure, with my best friend.”

Jeff is currently the world’s richest person with a net worth of US$187 billion ($241 billion). He will be the first of the billionaire space tycoons to experience a ride aboard the rocket technology that he’s poured millions into developing.

It took six years of extensive testing of the rocket and capsule, called New Shepard. Blue Origin announced in May that it was preparing to put the first passengers in a New Shepard capsule. Origin said one seat would be given to the winner of a month-long auction that’s currently in progress. The bidding has reached US$2.8 million.

Mr Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000, and the company conducted more than a dozen test flights with no one on board at Blue Origin’s facilities in rural Texas.