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Army Called To Assist In Victorian Storm Recovery

After a week since one of the biggest storms, Victoria’s regional areas including the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges.

The Victorian Government has sought help from the Australian Defence Force, who will assist in the clearing of trees which have ravaged roads, squashed cars and destroyed homes.

The tasks that have been given to the ADF will be majorly performing tree removal and providing access for people in and out of their homes, while making the area safe again to be in.

Thousands of people still are left without power, but the government has done their best to issue them with small generators – until the power is anticipated to be brought back in by July 10th.

The generators are graciously being supplied by Bunnings, which are being transported from New South Wales.

The Victorian Government fears that since they have re-emerged from another snap-lockdown, that the effects that the weather has had in this time will continue to put the strain on businesses.