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COVID-19: Victorian Restrictions Eased Once Again

Victorian lockdown

BREAKING NEWS: Victoria will be easing COVID restrictions from 11:59PM tomorrow night.

Acting Victorian Premier James Merlino announced in their press conference that they are now opening up the state and still encourages everyone to get tested if they have minor symptoms.

Metropolitan Victoria

From 11:59 PM tomorrow night:

  • 25km limit is removed
  • Public gatherings have increased 20
  • Indoor gatherings will allow 2 adult visitors per day
  • No travel restrictions for sports between regional and metropolitan towns
  • Everyone must still wear face masks in indoor places, public transport, etc

Regional Victoria

From 11:59 PM tomorrow night:

  • Public gatherings are increased to 50 people
  • Restaurants can have 30 people
  • Smaller venues can have 25 people
  • Funerals can have 100 guest
  • Weddings can have 50 guest
  • Offices can return to a 75% capacity
  • Visitors at home 5 adults + dependants per day.

There will be changes to how Victorians can visit regional towns during the winter holidays. Visitors from Metropolitan towns are required to take a COVID test and have a negative result, 72 hours prior to travelling to the snowy mountains. The Victorian state is also working with sports organisers in regards to crowd control for the upcoming AFL games between the Geelong Cats vs The Western Bulldogs.

The Victorian State Government said in the press conference that he wants to open up the state, yet want to protect their regional towns. They are encouraging everyone to get tested if they have minor symptoms and reminded everyone that there are still active cases in the Melbourne CBD.