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Ex Hotel Worker Exposes Industry Secrets That May Make You Think Twice About Your Stay

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After the ease of Covid restrictions, holidays are on the top of many peoples lists – which includes booking a hotel for your getaway. A TikTok user has gone viral after sharing industry secrets she learned while working for a hotel and some of her confessions that may make you think twice about the luxurious hotels you’re staying in and doing certain things in that room.

TikTok user Janessa Richard, from the US, has gone viral after posting a series of TikTok’s where she exposes shocking secrets from what she’s learned in her time working for a hotel brand.

She does stress in the video that her comments are based on only on her personal experiences and not all hotels may be doing the same.

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In her first video she advises guests not to lie on top of the bedspread if there is one in their hotel room – because she claims they’re not always cleaned that often.

“So I used to work in a hotel a few years ago and I thought it would be fun to tell you guys secrets about hotels you may not know coming from an ex-hotel employee.

“Ok so the first thing is that most hotels do not wash their duvets or comforters in between guests. They wash them maybe once a year which is really f***ing gross.

“So first thing you wanna do when you walk in your room… don’t go and lay down on top of the duvet – take it off!”

Janessa also says we should avoiding drinking from the glasses in the hotel room.

“I would NOT recommend you drinking in those glasses because they’re often not changed in between guests, as long as they ‘look’ clean.

“Obviously if they’ve been used they will replace them with cleaner ones, but if they look like they haven’t been touched or drank out of they will leave it there for the next guest.”

Janessa also says we should “never ever” walk on the carpet in your room with bare feet.

She tells her followers that while the carpets in the rooms are vacuumed regularly, they are “very rarely” deep cleaned or washed and are “so f***ing gross”.

“So make sure to wear socks or slippers,” she adds.

She also staid stay away from chocolate fountains at hotels as people drop things in them and sneeze in them and they never get cleaned or emptied, and when they do empty it, they just save that same chocolate for next time. And they said the chocolate get so thick it won’t run through the machine. Wanna know how they fix that? They add canola oil until it’s smooth again.