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Food for thought?

Our desire to know where our food comes from these days, is more prominent than ever before. With information easily accessible on the net we are able to make informed decisions on what we choose to consume and who we choose to buy from.

With pesticides and the health concerns associated with the use of these products, people are seeking organic produce more and more. The desire to help smaller businesses and locally produced products has also increased exponentially.

Choosing to shop with your local producer or local farmers market, can ensure your consumables are always the freshest and highest quality. Usually your local producer is there vending their products so you have first hand access to any further enquiries you may have, not to mention finding products you’ll never see on the supermarket shelves!

A breath of fresh air and a bag of fresh produce. Check out your local farmers market this weekend.

Not only are consumables available but also locally produced ceramics, arts, cleaning products, leather and sheepskin products, fleece and knitting/craft supplies – anything you can think of, you’ll be able to find it somewhere!

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