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Have All Forks Been Banned From Canada?

image via Eatery NY

According to viral Tik Tok and Twitter posts, all forks have been banned from Canada since “The Great Canadian Fork Fight” in the early 1800’s, news which has had social media buzzing.

In the viral TikTok video, the creator says: “One weird fact about Canada: is that forks are illegal in Canada. Not only are they not sold in stores but you can’t buy them on Amazon either. It’s all because of this. The Great Canadian Fork Fight of 1812.”

He then showed an article detailing The Great Canadian Fork Fight. This, however, was a fake web page.

There was no fork fight in Canada and the TikTok appears to be a well thought out prank that had us all fooled.

The truth is, Canada never banned forks, and there was never a “Great Canadian Fork Fight”, although in a bid to better the environment, Canada has now banned all plastic forks. The announcement was made in October 2020, in an effort to have every single plastic fork removed from Canada by the end of 2021.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathon Wilkinson has put this plan into action in an attempt to achieve a zero plastic waste in Canada by 2030. Wilkinson said “When a ban comes into effect, your local stores will be providing you with alternatives to these plastic product.”

The ban list includes plastic bags, stir sticks, six-pack racks, plastic utensils, some food containers, and plastic straws.