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Influencer’s sunscreen advice in naked photo slammed as ‘dangerous’ by Australian experts

A fitness coach who owns a chain of gyms in Byron Bay and Bali has angered experts over his nude post glamorising an “irresponsible” act.

Dave Driskell – Instagram Influencer, believes sunscreen isn’t necessary

Experts are warning against a fitness influencer’s “irresponsible” sun advice after he told his almost 100,000 followers to “ditch sunscreen” in a naked Instagram post.

Dave Driskell, who owns a chain of CrossFit gyms that operate in Byron Bay and Bali, shared a photo of himself lying naked in the sun on social media, explaining it was his response to “woke anti-sunners” who tell him he “needs to wear sunscreen”.

When the post attracted criticism, he doubled down, sharing a second nude image alongside a lengthy post that concluded: “Now ditch that sun cream and go sun your f**kin genitals.”

But experts have warned Mr Driskell’s advice was “dangerous” adding it “spreads misinformation” about sun exposure to his huge audience.

“Skin cancers are the most common type of cancer that we see in Australia, making up 80 per cent of all newly diagnosed cancers, and UV exposure is directly responsible for this” said Dr Shreya Andric, a skin health and disease specialist, told

In his posts, the US-born fitness coach argued there were bigger health issues to worry about, such as issues within diet and nutrition industry that he said contributes to other more common killers.

He added the hashtags “only tans,” “sun your balls” and “eat food without labels” to the end of the post, that was liked by more than 5500 people.

In the comments section, some joked “no one likes a burnt sausage” alongside outspoken critics who pointed out “the sun can unfortunately kill you”.