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Live music on the come back. What can do you do support your local musos?

With the year that 2020 was, our live music scene has taken a huge blow with venues being closed, restrictions imposed, businesses running at huge deficits and an entire industry of people left with devastating financial loss, loss of purpose and loss of sense of self. The effects have been catastrophic.

With depression and loneliness at the forefront of people’s concerns after close to a year in lock down, it seems that many have turned to music, seeking it’s calming effect it provides to one’s emotional state. Music has always been that avenue people turn to when they seek relaxation, distraction, serenity, relatability and connection. The list is endless.

Support your local acts. See live music. Put some life back into an industry everyone adores, that has been so badly hit.

As restrictions ease, more and more venues are opening their doors and live acts are making their way around Australia. To get behind this industry we are all fans of in one way or another, check your gig guide and live music venues for more details.

Get out there and support your local and national music artists and get them back in the spotlight and their livelihood back on track!