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Man injured at Wollongong gasworks site

In Wollongong, a 30-year-old man has been airlifted and flown to the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, with a suspected spinal injury. A metal framework fell 17 meters, hitting the cherry picker he was working in. 

The incident occurred last Saturday morning at the former Wollongong Gasworks site located at Smith Street, adjacent to the Throsby Drive overpass and Collegians Rugby League Football Club.

Fire and Rescue NSW said crews had arrived at the scene, finding parts of a building had collapsed, involving cranes and a scissor lift.

“Firefighters established an exclusion zone around the site and got to work stabilising the affected scissor lift and formulating a plan to stabilise the building.

“Working alongside NSW Ambulance, firefighters extricated an injured worker.

“Specialist rescue firefighters checked the structural stability of the building and established a further exclusion zone,” said a statement.

Due to historical waste produced by the gasworks between 1883 and 1977, both the soil and groundwater have been contaminated at the old site. Around 50 percent of the original gasworks site was remediated in 2005.

Safework has confirmed it is still investigating the incident.