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Model Train Company Soars As UK Lockdown Increases

As UK continues to endure through it’s COVID-19 restrictions, those who are locked up at home are turning to their hobbies.

This has been highly successful for model group Hornby who have had a spike in their sales capping at $89.5 million dollars for the year as of March 21st, which was an increase by 28%.

The brand representatives appealed that when the pressures of the outside world increase, especially with the circumstances of the global pandemic, that people would rather comfort themselves with hobbies that will distract them and give them a project to work on.

Chief Executive Lyndon Davies shared, “”People had Lego, they had trains and Scalextric, but then they got married and had children and that dropped off. Now, with all the time to spare, they’ve gone back to modelling, whether it’s aircraft, trains, planes, you name it…people come here to see what we’ve got and it inspires them.”