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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Push For Acknowledgement Of ‘Pastafarianism’

Would one even consider that a religion that obeys the law of a giant floating spaghetti monster exists? Well, it does. Tanya Watkins, a woman who is apart of the underground church, has been pushing for the religion to be legalised so it can be

The top 10 Aboriginal bush medicines to cure your illness

From eucalyptus oil to witchetty grubs, these natural medicines are used to cure illness the traditional way. A medicinal chemist from Macquarie University Sydney, Professor Joanne Jamie, has compiled a database on Aboriginal plants that contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compound that are used in western

COVID-19: The Delta Strain Reached NSW

The 4th person who tested positive to COVID-19 is confirmed to have the Delta variant. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told the press that they’re on high alert and that NSW residents should be extra careful for the next few days. Only 2 local cases have

OMG! Giant Spider Surprises Pilot – Mid Flight

In what would be most peoples ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE, a pilot from the Northern Territories A Northern Territory pilot was left terrified moments before landing a plane when a giant huntsman spider dropped onto his lap. The secret passenger dropped onto him from the ceiling as

Dungog Kelpie Sets New Record

Coming out of rural Dungog, one very special Shepard has just set the new national price record with a whopping $35,201 price tag. James and Alice Cooper found the right bidder for the right price on June 1st at the annual Woodenbong Carlton Working Dog

What Does It Take To Become An Adult?

This week on 2NRS Drive with Tom, Charles and Lachie – the boys were talking about what it takes to become an adult – officially. They have set the challenge for the young one in the group, Charles, to officially gaduate into becoming an adult.