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Pampered Pooches and Coddled Cats…

Nicole Kidman’s Instagram post of June 8th 2021 stating how much their fur-baby misses Keith Urban when he goes on the road, grabbed over 83,000 likes.

Featuring their pampered poodle pooch Julian and fur Dad – Keith, a barrage of adoring fans commented how adorable, cute, sweet and gorgeous the black and white picture is.

Our 2NRS Weekend Breakfast team swooned at the ‘cute as’ post put to our socials, “who misses you, when you’re away from home?”

Pets have always been a huge part of people’s lives, but in the last few decades, they have really become and integral part of everyday. You can include them in your daily activities like yoga, there are parks and beaches especially dedicated to your four legged companions. There are pubs and restaurants that welcome them or cafes entirely dedicated to your furry friends. There are even different types of training you can participate with them in.

“Pets have always been a huge part of people’s lives but in the last few decades they have really become an integral part of everyday.”

Fur-parents spend hundreds and thousands of their hard earned money each year indulging their babies with salon visits, pedicures, pet sitting, pet walking, designer clothing, ‘blinged up’ accessories, gourmet treats and food, feeding stations, fresh-water fountains – the list goes on and on. Can you imagine the life Julian must lead in the Urban/Kidman household? Methinks he’d be one spoilt pooch!

MJ, Sare and Kendal have all shared pictures of their fur babies, but keep in mind not all fur babies woof and meow!

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