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Rallying for a good cause

Heading into the Northern Territory – The Shitbox Rally 2011

In 2020 it was estimated that 145,483 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in Australia – 76,729 male and 68,754 female.

Nursing both his parents through the last stages of their lives, James Freeman was shattered when his father passed. He wanted to make a difference and contribute to this disease of diseases – cancer.

The Shitbox Rally, birthed out of adversity, is now one of the most successful fundraisers for cancer in Australia having raised some 25 million dollars towards cancer research during the last eleven years.

Cancelled last year due to Covid, the rally Autumn leg will run in two divisions.

1st division May 22nd – 28th Alice Springs to Gold Coast

2nd division June 5th – 11th Gold Coast to Alice Springs

Everything is above board in regard to social distancing, which is why the rally has been split into two. In each car there are two drivers, who will be driving a car worth $1000 (road worthy and fully registered). If the car breaks down, the vehicle is towed with the support vehicle and sold as scrap at the next town if it is not worth salvaging. The remaining drivers then hitch a ride with another team. Once all participants have arrived at the final destination the vehicles are then auctioned off with all funds donated to The Cancer Council.

The Shitbox Rally is not a race, but a place where new friendships begin and an experience filled with memories that last a lifetime, all in the name of helping others.