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Skinny & Stringy Jeans Here To Combat Mice

As the NSW Mouse Plague rolls into its 9th month destroying the livelihoods of farmers and terrorising towns across the state, a bit of Aussie ingenuity has come in hand to help maintain some level of personal boundary with the critters.


When it comes to rodents, bugs, insects and all the pests we could face, there are so many things we would hate to see…. and feel! Unfortunately something we thought would only be seen in cartoons is becoming a reality for many fighting the mouse plague. The mice are trying to crawl their way up the inside of our pants!


Its been such a huge risk now that mouse plague fighters have resorted to wearing tight fitting pants or tying string around the cuffs of their pants in a bid to close off any open space or cavity that the rodents could make a run and gun attempt to crawl through.

This is sadly the harsh reality faced by many. Farmers losing their livelihood is by far the biggest concern coming from this mouse plague but we’re also seeing the uncomfortable truths of living with the plague.

If you’ve had to resort to an unusual hack to protect yourself or your livelihood from the mice, we want to know! Hit us up on the 2NRS socials now.