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The Biloela Family Returns To Australia… But To A Community Detention Centre In Perth


The Murugappan family, who have been detained on Christmas Island since 2019, will be returning to Australia. However, they will be relocated to a community detention centre in Western Australia.

Their relocation is in light of their 4-year-old daughter Tharnicca, being sent from the detention centre to a Perth hospital due to a critical illness and was diagnosed with sepsis 10 days later.

Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, said to the press that the relocation of the Murugappan family does not create a pathway to a visa. Conservatives believe that allowing this family to return to Biloela would open floodgates to other asylum seekers and people living in detention centres.

However, advocates, protesters, and residents in the town of Biloela are arguing that this family is loved by the community and just want them back home.

The Murugappan family were originated from Sir Lanka as asylum seekers. However, they lost their bid to gain refugee status in August 2019 and was sent to Christmas Island. They have been in detention ever since.