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The Mens Shanty Club Bringing People of All Ages Together

Do you love the feel of wind in your air? The salty spray of the ocean across your face? Are the only two loves in your life your ship and the sea? Do you like to sing? Then the Anchormen might be just the group you’re looking for.

Based in Regional Western Australia The Anchormen are a group of men who love singing, but aren’t that in to church choir songs. Col and Matt founded the group after wanting to branch out from the choir group they were in, and people were eager to join.

via Anchormen Facebook

For the uninitiated a shanty is essentially a rhythmic call and response song about the sea, and about sailing. It’s all about the communal aspect, getting together with a group of friends, and enjoying hearing each others company, and singing along.

These days shanties aren’t even limited to the sea, with many modern shanties focusing on the modern day. For example White Collar Hollar is a shanty about the mundanity of modern office life.

You can check out The Anchormen on youtube here, or get in touch over on their Facebook

Have a listen to Col on 2NRS this morning talking everything Sea Shanties here: