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The Netherlands New Theme Park – Run Entirely By Wind

 Move over dream world, the Netherlands new proposed wind run amusement park could have you beat.

Dutch renewable energy company, Qurrent, has proposed a theme park that not only runs entirely on renewable energy but incorporates it into the theme park structure. If you like the sound of taking a ride on a wind turbine, this park might be for you. With Ferris wheels, roller coasters and a high speed drop this park has everything.

Qurrent CEO Richard Klatten says “Within 10 years from now, wind energy will be ubiquitous. We strive to be ahead of things and shape the future of renewable energy. Creating an environment where people can experience clean energy in a fun and educational way could be one of those. And hey, how neat would it be to tell your friends you took a ride on an actual wind turbine?”

It would be very neat Richard, we will be first in line.