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Why Doesn’t Qld & WA Get A Long Weekend?

Many millions of Australians are getting excited for their long weekend starting Saterday the 12th, but for the 8 million who live in Queensland and Western Australia, this weekend is just a regular 2 day break.

The long weekend is a celebration of the Queen’s Birthday. But I know what you’re thinking, why do different places celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on different days? Well Originally Australia celebrated the birthday of the King of Great Britain, way back in 1788. This stayed the same up until 1936 when King George V died, and it was decided that the date would remain the same, so as to keep things consistent.

King George V of Britain, c. 1910, shortly after his accession to the throne

Once the holiday wasn’t tied to an actual birthday, people didn’t feel so strongly about having to keep it the same. And when I say people, I mean Queensland and Western Australia. They quite logically decided it would be much nicer to have a long weekend that isn’t in the middle of winter.