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After 37 Years (Thanks to Stranger Things) “Running Up That Hill” is Back!

Netflix – Stranger Things 4

*This article contains massive…massive SPOILERS for STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 *

So, I heard that the song “Running Up That Hill” was back on the charts after 37 years and is now on the ARIAs chart as well, so yeah, we gotta talk. And if you have never heard of Kate Bush’s original version, Placebo did a pretty popular cover of it as well.

Kate Bush’s release of this single was in 1985 and Stranger Things did a pretty epic job of bringing it back. Another awesome boost to the song’s current rising is no thanks to TikTok with a whopping 1.1 million videos using this mega track.

Kate Bush

Now, assuming you have seen the latest Stranger Things and that’s why you’re continuing ahead reading this, and let me say, music isn’t the only thing I wanna discuss here.

But I will start with the music first and how this retro tune has made a comeback. Stranger Things in all its brilliance has a music supervisor and that is Nora Felder. Felder was then tasked by The Duffer Brothers themselves to find a song that matches Max’s feelings to the current series…and boy. What. A. Task.

Max was going through a seriously rough time this season after losing her brother Billy in the last season (and trust me we’re all crying – Dacre we miss you).

Aussie actor – Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove – AKA BAD BOY HEART THROB

Let me just add Felder has three, yes THREE nominations for “Outstanding Music Supervision” on Stranger Things. Felder mentioned to Variety “It immediately struck me with its deep chords of the possible connection to Max’s emotional struggles and took on more significance as Bush’s song marinated in my conscious awareness”.

Felder also said the scripts had “TBD MAX SONG” as she worked to get the rights to “Running Up That Hill” which was stated to be really hard to get as Kate Bush “does not typically approve” the use of her tracks. Can you believe the task given to Felder started pre-pandemic?! This raises so many questions for me, especially with the events of the show.

Felder told Variety that she and the Clearance Coordinator created “elaborate scene descriptions” to send over to Kate and her team, this way they can see how her song was going to be seen in the show. AND BOY – was it a scene, a scene to remember.

The song didn’t just stop there, it continues as it SAVES Max’s life, as she has to continue wearing headphones to keep her on the right side of the world and away from Vecna and the UPSIDE DOWN.

Anyway, Kate Bush (clearly) agreed to let Stranger Things use her song and I reckon Kate is now Stranger Things’ number one fan! I wonder though how much I can take with the style of release Netflix has done – “gobsmacked” is how I am going to put it.

The shock of this season’s release…(and I say this because I need the start to finish all in one go for my sweet, dear goldfish memory) to have out now – 7 episodes, cool I thought – Oh how I was wrong. I got right to episode 7, finished it, and thought WAIT. A. HOT. DANG. MINUTE…. It was intense with the MASSIVE connection to how Vecna (my thoughts the most scariest monster to date!) The Mind Flayer and The Demogorgons and the UPSIDE DOWN came to Hawkins – BUT FELT TOO BIG TO NOT BE DONE!

BTW – I went in hearing rumours this season is quite scary and cringe, it lived up to that…. in a Stranger Things kinda way. Not to mention the interesting fact that Vecna has a scary Freddy Kruger vibe (even mentioned by Dustin in the show) and for the same actor who played Freddy in the OG to be a character in our Stranger Things! BOOM!

So, Netflix. I feel like you have hurt all our feelings knowing that there are TWO MORE EPISODES TO COME IN A DELAYED RELEASE (calling it vol. 1 and vol 2.) – WHY? (Well, I feel like I know why $$$ but whatever) it’s just, WE NEED TO SEE HOW THIS ENDS!