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Are Nightclubs no longer ‘COOL’?

Ahh remember the good ol’ days of the sticky floors, loud ‘DOOF-DOOF’ music ringing in your ears and grabbing that late-night Kebab on the way home.. sounds great right? Wrong! Some Millennials are swapping the sweaty nightclub scene for bougie brunches and picnics.

According to IBISWorld, nightclubs are on their way out with more than 25% of Australian nightclubs closing their doors for good. Partly due to COVID Lockdowns, but also the interest in most Aussie punters has dwindled.

On the 2NRS Drive show with Nathan and Megan they discussed the pitfalls of the clubbing lifestyle and why it’s lost it’s appeal.

“But now I have to yell over the top of the music if I have to talk to someone [in a club] I’d rather go out for a casual feed.” Nathan, 24 said.

Whilst the nightclub scene may be changing, Megan expressed that her need for a Savvy B at a bar or a cocktail in the Club is still desirable to her. There’s nothing quite like a LIVE DJ and dancing like no ones watching!

Have a listen to the full discussion here:

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