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Is this the worst job in the world?

Are you sitting at your desk dreaming of a different job? Well don’t be so hasty writing your resignation later, there are certainly worse jobs out there.

Slaughter House Employee

This job isn’t one for the faint of heart. Killing animals for a living can be extremely depressing. In fact, slaughterhouse work has been linked to mental health problems.

Pet Food Taster

Although some people actually enjoy eating pet food for a living, it’s fair to say that most of us are repulsed by it. This job involves eating really bad batches of animal products and comes with the risk of severe food poisoning.

Paint Dry Watcher

These folks literally watch paint dry for a living. The purpose is to check how the color of matt and emulsion changes over time and to make sure that they’re durable. I mean, what can be more boring than staring at a blank wall for hours?

Armpit Sniffers

Armpit sniffers test whether a deodorant is excellent by sniffing a customer’s armpits before using the deodorant and after. That way, they get the difference, to determine its effect on the customers.


Think children, high energy, loss of your peripheral vision and a heavy suit. Whether it’s dressing as a pair of testicles in the name of testicular cancer awareness or dressed in a giant chicken costume, you’re bound to attract attention — usually ridicule and bullying.

If sniffing, tasting and boredom hasn’t turned you off any of these careers, weather may be a deterrent? The Mount Hotham ski lodge is experiencing its lowest intake of staff this snow season. With temperature plunging below zero daily, could you handle the cold each day?

Or perhaps you’re very pale, terrified of the sun and the idea of fruit picking in QLD for 14 hours a day turns you off? The fruit picking industry is also in crisis with warnings of food shortages and price rises ahead as a result of a severe shortage of workers.

Would you rather work in temperatures under 5 degrees or over 35 degrees?