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‘It’s an art form’: How former pro-wrestler Mike found his place in the cosplay scene

I met Mike on a sunny Saturday morning at a cafe in Redfern. He was ordering a large coffee in head-to-toe camo and a tall, spiky blonde wig.

Next to mums in leggings and hungover students in traky-dacks, he acted like his striking appearance was the most natural thing in the world – he didn’t comment on it or explain – and so it was.

Only when he came to the cafe for a second time an hour later, did I finally ask him about his costume.

Mike told me he was dressed as Guile from the Street Fighter video games. A cosplayer, in Sydney for Supernova, he told me he was from WA but had been travelling Australia attending comic conventions.

He was such an interesting guy, and so happy to answer my questions about cosplay and his life, that I had to ask him if he would join me on 2NRS Breakfast for our Living Library segment.

He agreed and here is that interview – enjoy!