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“I’ve got one word to say to you” – Kath & Kim Reunion Could Be In The Works

The Herald Sun has sent the internet into a frenzy after speculation that a Kath & Kim reunion could be underway.

Twenty years on from the show’s original debut, “Look at moiye please” still rings as true as it ever did, with the iconic suburban Australian household holding a special place in our hearts.

While Magda Szubanski, who played Sharon Strzelecki, said only last year when talking of a reboot, “I think it should be off the table… It holds such a special place in people’s memories”, we think she may have left a clue when, saying after that “If we did a live show, which was a “best of’ or something like that, that’s different.”

This leads us to believe that maybe we can expect to see something similar to what was done with the Friends reunion last year.

And while the famous original home in Lagoon Court used in the series was recently demolished, rumours have also supposed that crew members visited prior… Could this have been to take some measurements to potentially recreate it in the future?

We sure are hoping so…