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Shrinkflation In Our Supermarkets?

The term ‘Shrinkflation’ has been circling the supermarkets recently, as shoppers are wanting to find out some of the sneaky things our grocery stores are doing to increase the cost of some everyday items.

With the shortage of lettuce and other basic supermarket items, it has also forced some of other products to be cut down in order to deal with demand issues.

Shrinkflation is when a product or item downgrades in size and the price of the item stays the same or increases. “Shrinking” the amount while “inflating” the cost.

It means you’re getting less for the more you spend.

Twisties are one of the many items being reduced in size as their price goes up!

Some common everyday items being effected by Shrinkflation are:

  • Mars Chocolate Bar: 53g to 47g. Cost: $2
  • Arnotts Tina Wafers: 250g to 200g. Cost: $3.05
  • Oreo Cookies Original: 137g to 133g. Cost: $2
  • Doritos Cheese Dip: 300g to 280g. Cost: $2.50
  • Bega Peanut Butter: 500g to 470g. Cost: $5.70 to $5.90
  • Cheetos Cheese Balls: 100g to 90g. Cost: $2 to $2.20
  • Jumpys Chicken Chips: 6 Pack to 5 Pack. Cost: $3.20 to $3.50
  • Twisties Chicken: 100g to 90g. Cost: $2 to $2.20.
  • Burger Rings: 100g to 90g. Cost: $2 to $2.20

Yeah, because more things needed to go up in price…